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Dungeon Defenders 2 Environments

Various maps I worked on from Dungeon Defenders 2. The captions specify work performed by me in each screenshot.

* Other world building in screenshots by Daniel Diaz and Jesus Diaz.

David decoster valley 01

Modeled and textured the Yak Inn, helped build other structures using available texture atlases.

David decoster decoster dd2 carnival

Modeled and textured ticket wagon, carnival boxes and props, banners, arrow signs, and bushes

David decoster decoster spooky wall web

Modeled and textured modular wall pieces, coffins, graves, and bones.

David decoster spooky temple

Modeled and textured, and assembled temple ruins.

David decoster hub 01

Modeled and textured Skill Shop structure and all props, excluding the Forge. I also assembled the shop in-engine.

David decoster ramparts 01

Modeled and textured dragon door.

David decoster town market 01

Modeled and textured the level's trim sets and various foliage assets. Helped model modular architectural pieces for world builders to use to construct buildings.

David decoster town market 03

Modeled and textured fruit wagon and large background castle. Created various foliage assets.